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ESA initiative kicks off Greek business

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company the financial and technological opportunity to develop an idea of operating their advanced workflow process software via satellites. Trial results have been very successful and open the possibility for new and lucrative markets.

BizSmart SAT - satellite based software to improve workflow processes

The ESA Telecom supported project from the Greek company Innovis SA has concluded pilot trials designed to test the capabilities of BizSmart SAT, the satellite version of its advanced software tool.

The three companies involved in the trials all gave the tool high marks. Two of the trial users have developed plans to incorporate BizSmart SAT into their normal workflow processes. BizSmart is a unique software tool that allows users to define and manage the flow of information, tasks and operations in their organisation, within rule-based constraints. It can also describe the roles, personnel and resources needed for the implementation of work within the organisation.

The satellite version, BizSmart SAT, will provide this functionality to users regardless of their geographic location and can serve as a back-up to terrestrial networks.

Start-up Projects Initiative

BizSmart SAT was started during Round Three of ESA Telecom’s Start-up Projects Initiative, which gave the developers a financial and technological opportunity to develop a product that can address a number of new and lucrative vertical markets.

The success of the BizSmart SAT project shows the value which the Start-up Projects Initiative brings to growing European industry, especially since this project comes from Greece, one of ESA's newest member states.

To know more please visit article Greek company develops satellite based software to improve workflow processes on ESA's Telecommunications website.

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