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One week left to propose new ideas for ESA Telecom 2006 work plans

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The European Space Agency (ESA) invites industry and experts from European Member States and Canada to come up with ideas and suggestions for future research and development activities in the area of satellite communication. Proposals must reach ESA Telecom before 30 September 2005.

Based on the received ideas each year work plans are prepared for the ARTES-1, ARTES-3 and ARTES-5 elements of ESA’s Telecom ARTES programme. The activities in the work plans are selected by the ESA Telecommunications team with support from experts from other ESA directorates.

The ARTES work plans for 2006 will be published on the ESA Telecommunications website early 2006.

All ideas and suggestions for the ARTES work plans 2006 must reach ESA Telecom before Friday 30th September 2005.

Please be assured your inputs will be treated confidentially.

To know more please visit the ESA Telecom Call for Ideas 2005 on ESA Telecom’s specialist website.

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