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Family Friendly environment

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The people who work at ESA are key to its success. The diverse nationalities, genders, cultural backgrounds, disciplines and generations here each bring their own special contribution to the Agency’s most valuable asset: our people.

ESA is a family friendly environment offering flexible working arrangements and multiple benefits to its employees for greater work-life balance.

Work-life balance:

Flexible working arrangements

  • Teleworking scheme (regular from 1 to 4 days/week or ad hoc teleworking)
  • Flexitime system 
  • Part-time scheme (50, 60 or 80%)


Support for mobility

  • Childcare facilities at ESOC, ESTEC, ESRIN, and a childcare network agreement at HQ
  • Support for mobility with installation allowance
  • Relocation support service (removal, flat hunting)


  • 32.5 days of annual leave, 12 public holidays, special  home leave for expats (8 days every two years)
  • Parental leave up to 6 months (paternity and maternity leave; equivalent leave in case of adoption; family care leave of a maximum of 2 months’ unpaid salary to take care of a seriously ill child, spouse or parent)
  • Special leave for birth and in case of child sickness
  • Sabbatical leave possibility
  • Award-winning ESA Summer Space Camp (2 week long camp for ESA children organised by a committee of volunteers since 1994)


  • Childbirth lump-sum
  • Allowances for child, dependant, and children with special needs
  • Education allowance for expats with children 

More information on Salary and Allowances is available here.

Social Security and pensions

ESA has comprehensive social security benefits for staff, entitled registered partners/spouses, dependant children and any other dependents within the meaning of the Staff Rules. More information is available here.