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ESA/ECSL Executive Course

ESA/ECSL Executive Course on Space Law and Regulations

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The ECSL is proud to announce that the ECSL Executive Course on Space Law and Regulations, organised in collaboration with ESA, will take place in 2021. The specific dates and the location will be confirmed shortly.

The 2021 ESA/ECSL Executive Course

As the space sector becomes increasingly commercialised, both national governments and private companies have a need for knowledge about the legal dimensions related to space activities. The ECSL and ESA recognise these changes, and wish to offer an opportunity for a structured introduction to space law and regulations to government representatives and industry professionals.

While the ECSL Summer Course is a great resource for students, the Executive Course will deliver a high-quality and tailor-made course for government representative and industry professionals, with a strong focus on the practical aspects of the legal dimensions relevant for regulating and conducting space activities.

The course will be organised together with ESA's Legal Services Department and greatly benefit from their extensive expertise in dealing with regulations relevant for space missions. In addition, the course will feature technical and legal experts from other ESA departments and a limited number of external experts.

Issues which will be discussed include but are not limited to:

  • An introduction to space law and space governance
  • National space legislation: Rationale, content and development
  • Regulatory and technical requirements for clearing a space mission
  • Standardisation
  • Export control
  • Typologies of Space Contracts
  • Space debris mitigation
  • Filing for frequencies
  • Space object registration

A full programme will be made available in due Course.

Application procedure and course fee:

Applications to the course are not open yet.

Representatives from industry and governments in ESA-member states will be given priority. However, representatives from other parts of Europe and the rest of the world are invited to apply, and will be admitted on a non-priority basis. Selected candidates will be notified as soon as possible after the application window has closed.

Students will not be accepted for this course. An exception may be made for PhD students, if they are involved with managing or regulating space activities.

The course fee is 600 Euros, including some lunches and a dinner. Participants will be expected to organise for their own transportation and accommodation. 

Institutional members have a spot reserved for one representative to attend the Executive Course. 

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