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Italian National Point of Contact

Since 2001, the Istituto di Studi Giuridici Internazionali (Institute for International Legal Studies-ISGI) of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) has been the Italian NPOC of the ECSL, as a continuation of the Italian Centre for Space Law set up in 1992. Directed by Ornella Ferrajolo, ISGI is the CNR scientific body carrying out research, training and high consultancy activities in the field of International and EU law, with its headquarters in Rome ( Sergio Marchisio, professor of Law at Sapienza University of Rome and ISGI founding director, is responsible for the activities of the Italian NPOC, together with Viviana Iavicoli (ISGI researcher) and Pierfrancesco Breccia (Sapienza University).

The Italian NPOC acts as an interface between ECSL and people interested in space law in Italy; its main aim is to spread the knowledge of space law and build up a network of academicians and professionals. It traditionally focuses its work on four aspects: (1) participation in the ECSL initiatives; (2) setting up of educational programmes and training courses; (3) consultancy and collaboration with national and international institutions; (4) carrying out of research activity.

ISGI has always been active in organizing events in collaboration with ECSL. The Italian NPOC co-operates with the ECSL through the participation of its members in the ECSL meetings, boards, workshops, Summer courses, Moot Court and Practitioners’ Forum. Members of the Italian NPOC, both academicians and professionals, participate in the ECSL initiatives as lecturers, speakers and judges of the Moot Court Competition. They are also active in the events organised by ECSL in cooperation with other institutions, such as the yearly IISL-ECSL Symposium on Space Law at the Legal Subcommittee Session in Vienna. Among others, the following activities are worthy of mention:

ECSL Colloquia and Workshop

  • ECSL Workshop on “New Trends in Space Law”– Collaboration between ECSL, ISGI and the University of Macerata (Macerata , May 2003)
  • ECSL Perugia Colloquium on “International Organizations and Space Law: Their Role and Contribution”- Collaboration between ECSL, ISGI and the University of Perugia (Perugia, May 1999)

ECSL Moot Court

  • ECSL, European Round of the Manfred Lachs Moot Court Competition – Collaboration between ECSL, Sapienza University of Rome and ISGI (Rome, 2013)
  • ECSL European Round of the Manfred Lachs Moot Court Competition – Collaboration between ECSL, “Centro di Studi Gentiliani” and the University of Macerata (Macerata, May 2003)

The Italian NPOC facilitates the participation of the Italian teams in the European Round of the Manfred Lachs Moot Court Competition.

In 2009, a team from the University of Genoa, trained by Prof. C. Golda, participated in the European Semi Finals in Athens. A member of the team was awarded as the “best oralist”.

Since 2016, Sapienza University of Rome has being participating in the Manfred Lachs Moot Court Competition.

ECSL Summer Courses

  • Summer Course on Space Law and Policy – Sapienza University of Rome (Rome, September 2017)
  • ECSL Summer Course on Space Law and Policy - University of Genoa (Genoa, September 2008)
  • ECSL Summer Course on Space Law and Policy - University of Perugia/Terni (Perugia, September 2005);

The Italian NPOC spreads information concerning the ECSL Summer Course and selects the interested Italian students as a channel between the ECSL and Italian Universities

ECSL Book Editing

The Italian NPOC worked together with ECSL for the editing of the book on “The Astronauts and Rescue Agreement. Lesson Learned” (G. Lafferanderie and S. Marchisio eds, ECSL, The Netherlands, 2011)

Educational Programme and Training Courses

  • In 2017, Prof. Sergio Marchisio gave a lecture on “The Evolution of Space Activities. A New Italian Legislation?” in the framework of an event organized by Sapienza University of Rome in collaboration with Academie de l’Air et de l’Espace (AAE)
  • Since 2015, Prof. Sergio Marchisio has held a Course of Space Law within the Master’ degree in International Relations at Sapienza University of Rome
  • Starting in 2009, ISGI is one of the scientific bodies organizing the Master’s Degree in “Space Institutions and Policies” together with the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the Italian Society for International Organizations (SIOI). ISGI is represented by Viviana Iavicoli in the Board of the Master. At the end of the yearly course, students follow a three months stage at national or international institutions or private companies.
  • ISGI researchers are involved as teachers in courses at graduate and post-graduate levels on space law and as tutors of university students or young graduates carrying out traineeships in space law at ISGI.


Collaboration with national and international institutions

The Italian NPOC has collaborated over the years in the field of space law with national institutions (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italian Space Agency) and international organizations (UNIDROIT, COPUOS Legal Subcommittee, Working Group on Nuclear Power Sources of the COPUOS Scientific and Technical Subcommittee)

Research activities

The Italian NPOC promotes scientific research in the field of space law, also in collaboration with other international institutions such as UNESCO and the University of Tromso (Norway).

For more information:


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2.Educational programmes and training courses


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