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Serbian Case for Space Foundation

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The very first Friends of the ECSL became the Serbian case for Space Foundation from Serbia and it is coordinated by CEO and Co-founder Anja Nakarada Pecujlic. The foundation’s main objectives are raising awareness regarding benefits deriving from space activities, promotion and development of space law in Serbia and encouraging Serbian government to join international space organisations. To this end, the Foundation conducts a variety of activities such as the organization of events and workshops, the teaching of space law courses and the publication of space law-related works. In addition, the Serbian Case for Space Foundation provides information about recent space-related developments and events, and about possibilities to pursue career in space domain to anyone interested in Serbia.


Further information about the Foundations’ activities can be found on the website:



Friends of ECSL Serbia 

CEO and Co-founder Anja Nakarada Pecujlic

Serbian Case for Space Foundation


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