ESCL Summer Course 2017 at ESA ESRIN in Italy

Upcoming Space Law Events

Upcoming ECSL Events 

March 2019

  • 19 - 21. March - The ESA-ECSL Space Debris Regulation, Standards and Tools Workshop, ESA ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany 

April 2019

  • 1. April – IISL, ECSL Symposium, UN COPUOS Legal Subcommittee, Austria
  • 24. April - ECSL General Meeting of Members, ESA ESTEC, the Netherlands
  • 25. April - The Practitioners Forum: The Moon Village Concept, ESA ESTEC, the Netherlands
  • 26. April - The Young Lawyer Symposium, ESA ESTEC, The Netherlands 


  • 20 May - Registration for the European Rounds of the MLMC, Paris, France 
  • 21 - 24. May - European Rounds MLMC, Paris, France 


  • 2 - 13 September - 28th ECSL Summer Course on Space Law and Policy, Messina, Italy 

More information about each event is or will be made available as appropriate in the left side bar. Events will be added to the list as they are confirmed.

Events organised by others:


  • 25. March - Lunch Time Lecture "Public International Law: Wonders of Space Law" 
    The Lecture will be given by Prof. Steven Freeland (Western Australia Univeristy) and Alexander Soucek (ESA) It is organised by the Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki. The lecture will take place at the Porthania building, Yliopistonkatu 3, Helsinki, Finland. The event starts at 12.00 and is open for all. 

April 2019

  • 1 - 12. April - 58th Session of UN COPUOS Legal Subcommitee, Vienna, Austria

If you wish to have your space law or policy event added to this list, please email the ECSL Executive Secretary on This is by no means an extensive or complete list of all events, but a tool to try to give our Members an overview of upcoming space law and policy events in Europe. 

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