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Voyage through space with Europe: register for ESA Open Day in the Netherlands

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UPDATE: French CNES astronaut Patrick Baudry has had to cancel his ESA Open Day appearance, but ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli has confirmed his attendance

You can now register  to see behind the scenes of Europe’s space adventure. We will be opening our doors for the annual ESA Open Day in the Netherlands on Sunday 7 October.

The Open Day is hosted at ESA’s ESTEC technical centre in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, but you can go there to see space science and technology from across the Agency – from astronauts to Earth observation, spacecraft control to satellite testing.

With 22 Member States, ESA is the Space Agency for Europe, working in every aspect of space activities, working with people and organisations all across our continent, and beyond.

The theme of this year’s event is ‘Voyage through space with Europe’. This is your opportunity to come nose to nose with space hardware, hear where we’re going next and meet Europe’s space agents – space scientists, mission designers and astronauts.

ESA's Test Centre
ESA's Test Centre

Visitors are free to explore ESA’s largest establishment at their own pace, learn how we simulate space on the ground, plan future missions, try out hands-on activities and exhibits and join expert lectures and astronaut autograph sessions.

Confirmed guests so far include Dutch ESA astronaut André Kuipers, Italian ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli and German ESA astronaut and former ESA Director of Human Spaceflight and Operations Thomas Reiter.

The Open Day typically attracts upwards of 8000 visitors per year – but to keep everyone safe and happy we need to limit the numbers so don’t forget to register.

Because we are obliged to limit the total number of visitors, to ensure a great experience for all who do attend, we urge you to book early to avoid disappointment.

This annual event takes place as part of the Netherlands’ national Weekend of Science as well as World Space Week.

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