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What kind of partnerships?

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Media partnerships

In addition to classical ESA media relations, there is still a strong partnership development potential via the top-levels of established press groups (print, TV and radio) as well as powerful new digital players, such as social media and large internet service providers.

Institutional partnerships

Institutional partners include schools and universities, museums, professional bodies, charities and advocacy groups. Partnerships with institutions are advantageous for us, since they provide awareness of our activities within an educational framework. In exchange, the institutional partner benefits from the ESA’s authoritative endorsement of the concepts being shared. ESA’s Communication Department can provide content and media support to this type of partnership.

Commercial partnerships

Commercial partners provide a dynamic platform through which ESA’s work can be transmitted to a vastly extended audience. Since commercial organisations operate in all sectors of society and across all industries, this can be effectively leveraged to ESA’s advantage. Here, if potential partner companies share the same values, we’re interested in discussing how we can cooperate.

Art and culture partnerships

There's more to space than rocket science. Artists, musicians, historians, economists, law students, political scientists and sociologists have all contributed to our understanding of the space age and its impact on our societies over the past decades. We support various creative and cultural activities across all areas of our agency, which aim to create awareness and broaden public interest in space. We're interested in talking to anyone inspired by space and who can contribute to our activities from a more 'human' perspective...

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