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EGNOS moves into manufacturing phase

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The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) is the European contribution to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS-1). It will provide and guarantee the availability of navigation signals for aeronautical, maritime and land mobile trans-European network applications. EGNOS achieved the successful closure of its Critical Design Review (CDR) on 24 May 2002 and can now move into manufacture.

EGNOS is the first element of the European satellite-navigation strategy and a major stepping stone towards Galileo: Europe’s own global satellite navigation system. The CDR ensures that EGNOS has been adequately and correctly defined, a critical requirement in the European GNSS development programme.

The EGNOS CDR Board congratulated the EGNOS Project Office for the excellent work and comprehensive CDR close-out report; Alcatel Space Industry and all Industrial partners for the quality of the work and of the documentation presented at the CDR; and the EGNOS Operator Infrastructure Group (EOIGs) for their excellent contribution to the CDR review.

Success in the EGNOS System CDR is a key achievement within the EGNOS AOC Implementation Phase. It marks the end of the System & Ground Segment design Phase; providing evidence that the system, “as defined”, meets the EGNOS navigation requirements providing the go-ahead for Ground System Production and subsystems in-factory verification.

Chief milestones to come are:

  • EGNOS factory Qualification review, planned for the first quarter of 2003
  • emission of the EGNOS AOC signal, planned for summer 2003
  • Operational Readiness Review, final EGNOS AOC milestone, scheduled for April 2004

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