Galileo: unparalleled accuracy and dependability in global positioning

Galileo Preliminary System Design Review a success

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ESA / Applications / Navigation

Galileo, Europe’s own global navigation satellite system, will provide unparalleled accuracy and dependability in global positioning. The Preliminary System Design Review of Galileo was completed this summer, and moves Galileo a major step forward to becoming a reality.

The review Board considered that the objectives were met overall and that Galileo can move on to the next stage in development. Completion of this programme will herald a revolution in satellite navigation throughout the globe and give Europe its autonomy in a field that is still in its infancy but offering benefits at all levels.

This milestone concludes eight months of intensive work in the European Space Agency and European industry on the design of the Galileo system. Work on the Preliminary System Design Review involved the delivery of over 300 documents by the industrial partners working on Galileo. Over 100 experts reviewed the numerous technical issues.

The Galileo programme has been given the go-ahead to continue. Some recommendations were made to consolidate the main design; typical in any space related activity that must always proceed step-by-step under the greatest scrutiny, to prevent any future problem.

A consolidation report is due in November 2002. Indeed, all system aspects of the Galileo design have been combined allowing the verification of the project as elaborated under the leadership of Galileo Industries.

The design of the Galileo system is based around how it is expected to be used. This is reinforced by such reviews that are mandatory to ensure the completeness, the adequacy and effectiveness of one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken in Europe for space applications, which will certainly have a direct and positive impact in our future daily life.

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