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Drinkwater M.R., Haagmans R., Muzi D., Popescu A., Floberghagen R., Kern M., and Fehringer M. Proceedings of 3rd International GOCE User Workshop, 6-8 November, 2006, Frascati, Italy, ESA SP-627, 2007 (pdf, 657 Kb)

Drinkwater, M.R., Floberghagen R., Haagmans R., Muzi D., and Popescu A., 2003. GOCE: ESA's first Earth Explorer Core mission. In Beutler, G.B., Drinkwater M., Rummel R., and von Steiger R. (Eds.), Earth Gravity Field from Space - from Sensors to Earth Sciences. In the Space Sciences Series of ISSI, Vol. 18, 419-432, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Netherlands, ISBN: 1-4020-1408-2 (pdf, 520 Kb)

ESA (1999). Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Mission, ESA SP-1233(1), report for mission selection of the four candidate Earth Explorer missions.(pdf, 10.3 Mb)

ESA study reports

Tsoulis D. et al., 2011: Spectral analysis and interpretation of current satellite-only Earth gravity models by incorporating global terrain and crustal data, ESA Contract 22319/09/NL/CB (pdf 24.4 Mb)

Lux, M. et al., 2008: Gravity Improvement of Continental Slope and Shelf Ocean Circulation Modelling, ESA/ESTEC Contract 19740/06/NL/HE (pdf, 28.3 Mb)

Forsberg, R. et al., 2007: ARCGICE: Combination of Spaceborne, Airborne and In-Situ Gravity Measurements in Support of Arctic Sea-Ice Thickness Mapping, ESA Contract 18753/05/NL/CB (pdf 20.3 Mb)

Sünkel, H. (ed.) 2002: From Eötvös to mGal+, Final Report, ESA/ESTEC Contract 14287/00/NL/DC (pdf, 30.4 Mb)

Koop, R., Sünkel, H. (Eds.) and the European GOCE Gravity Consortium, 2002: GOCE: Preparation of the GOCE Level 1 to Level 2 Data Processing, Final Report, ESA/ESTEC Contract 14986/01/NL/DC. (pdf, 4.06 Mb)

Sünkel, H., 2002: Preparation of the GOCE Level 1 to Level 2 Data Processing, Executive Summary, ESA/ESTEC Contract 14986/01/NL/DC. (pdf, 405 Kb)

Sabadini R., Wingham D., Maier-Reimer E., 2002: Gravity and Sea Level, ESA-ESTEC Contract 12056/96/NL. (pdf, 3 Mb)

Sünkel, H. (ed.), 2000: From Eötvös to mGal, Final Report, ESA/ESTEC Contract 13392/98/NL/GD (pdf, 32.5 Mb)

Refinement of the Current Observation Requirements for GOCE, ESA/ESTEC Contract 13229/98/NL/GD, 1999 (Web report)

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