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ESA / Applications / Observing the Earth / Living Planet Symposium

ESA will be hosting the next Living Planet Symposium on 13–17 May in Milan, Italy.

The event brings together scientists and users to present their latest findings on Earth’s environment and climate derived from satellite data. It also provides an opportunity to introduce missions in development from ESA – such as the Sentinels, Earth Explorers and meteorological missions – as well as from national space agencies.

With over 3000 participants expected to attend, it will be the world’s biggest conference on Earth observation to date.

Scientific themes to be covered include  oceanography, solid Earth and geodesy, atmosphere, climate and meteorology, the cryosphere, hazards, methodologies and products, near-Earth environment and land applications. Special sessions will be dedicated to ESA programmes and initiatives, including the Climate Change Initiative and other international cooperation initiatives, as well as the Copernicus environmental monitoring programme.

Daily exhibitions hosted by space industries and research centres will also be held. 

The symposium follows the previous ones held in Prague (2016), Edinburgh (2013), Bergen (2010), Montreux (2007) and Salzburg (2004), and is open to anyone interested in remote sensing or involved in the development and exploitation of Earth observation missions.

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