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ESA Business Incubation Centre Austria

ESA BIC Austria opened in 2016 and is managed and operated by the business incubator centre Science Park Graz (SPG) in close partnership with accent Inkubator.

Drawing on both organisation’s outstanding track record in tech-based business incubation, ESA BIC Austria provides a unique environment geared exclusively to accelerating innovation and unlocking start-ups' commercial potential. With more than 18 years’ experience in business incubation, Science Park Graz and accent have supported more than 300 technology and innovation start-up projects.

ESA BIC Austria is looking for visionary entrepreneurs, researchers, students and contacts from industry, to develop innovative and scalable space-related business ventures. From 2016 to 2021, ESA BIC Austria will select and support 50 start-ups. The incubatees will be hosted in Graz and Wiener Neustadt.

ESA BIC Austria is embedded in a powerful and prosperous eco-system composed of a number of key stakeholders such as the regional governments of the State of Styria and the State of Lower Austria, City of Graz, Graz University of Technology and other universities within the region. The cooperation with several industry clusters secures lasting exchange between industry, SMEs, scientific bodies and start-ups.

ESA BIC Austria is part of the ESA Space Solutions Centre Austria, as is the ESA BA Ambassador in Austria activities managed by SPG and the ESA Technology Transfer Broker activities carried out in Austria by Brimatech

Your ESA BIC Austria contacts: Martin Mössler and Inês Plácido 

ESA BIC Austria
Martin Mössler, General Manager ESA BIC and BA Ambassador Austria
Inês Plácido, Manager ESA BIC and BA Ambassador Austria
Science Park Graz GmbH
Stremayrgasse 16,
8010 Graz, Austria
Tel: 43 (316) 873-9101

Wish to join an ESA BIC?

  • Your idea must be based on space-related technology, expertise and/or application and target the non-space market
  • Your company must not be older than five years or you are going to start a new company
  • Your company has to be located at and managed from your preferred ESA BIC

Join the ESA BIC by five steps


Why ESA BIC Austria ?

ESA BIC Austria offers a strong support structure with different partners and business alliances. Start-ups hosted at the business incubation centres in Graz and Wiener Neustadt will benefit from:

  • Ability to use space technology for terrestrial applications in their start-up
  • Business development support, advice and effective workplaces for up to 24 months
  • Funding of 50.000 € for product development and IPR
  • Access to ESA IP for Commercialization
  • Technical Support up to 80 hours through technical partners
  • Support to secure further venture capital, loans and grants as needed
  • Access to the international ESA BIC community and international ESA events
  • National and international contacts to industry players, research institutes and universities
  • Access to office facilities, experts, suppliers and other sources of funding
  • Access to the know-how of the two incubator organizations with more than 18 years of experience in incubating more than 300 tech-start-ups.



Main partners are the Styrian Business Promotion Agency (SFG), the City of Graz and the Federal State of Lower Austria.

Local partners include Graz University of Technology, Medical University of Graz, University of Graz, FH Joanneum - University of Applied Sciences, CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences, Human Technology Styria (HTS), Green Tech Cluster Styria, AC Styria Autocluster, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Joanneum Research, St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, CERN Technology and University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU).

Incubation Premises  

The selected start-ups - incubatees - will be hosted in Graz at the Science Park Graz and in Wiener Neustadt at accent Inkubator.

Our start-up companies

Given the opening of ESA BIC Austria on 11 November 2016, the first start-ups will enroll during the winter 2016/2017.
The Open Call was opened 10 October 2016.

A list of hosted start-ups - incubatees - and alumni will be added. 

ESA Business Incubation Centres
ESA Business Incubation Centres

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