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Spot wildfires, anywhere on the Earth

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Meet ESA BIC Bavaria start-up OroraTech at the EBAN Annual Congress in Helsinki 3-5 June to know how their infrared nanosatellites can detect and map wildfires, and help authorities to intervene quicker

OroraTech is the first commercial supplier of infrared satellite data for early detection and real time monitoring of wildfires across the entire globe.

The constellation of nanosatellites are equipped with infrared imagers to observe the Earth in different frequency spectre. The generated datasets can be used for early detection and mapping of wildfires and, therefore help to dramatically reduce costs of wildfires and wildfire-related losses.

The nanosatellite constellation
The nanosatellite constellation

“We use a novel patented SmartPanel architecture that enables an optics optimized CubeSat satellite bus,” aays Björn Stoffers, Ororatech Managing Director.

“With our technology, we achieve a 40% larger payload volume and guarantee a higher reliability and adaptability to different use cases due to modular redundant electronics.”

OroraTech also distinguishes itself from its competitors by using a patent-pending high-end optical system which captures the thermal-infrared, mid-infrared and visible spectrum.

Fight wildfires

OroraTech nanosatellite
OroraTech nanosatellite

The annualized costs of wildfires and wildfire-related losses are estimated to be over $10 billion per year in the US alone.

“We spoke to Forest Services, researchers and insurers around the globe and received overwhelming feedback,” adds Björn Stoffers.

“They are very excited about our technology and have expressed significant interest in becoming pilot customers. For the API access, several analytics companies have signed LOIs and confirmed the huge benefit of our completely new data set for their business.”

The OroraTech team

OroraTech was founded by Björn Stoffers (Economist & Managing Director), Thomas Grübler (Electrical Engineer & Managing Director), Florian Mauracher (Software Developer) and Rupert Amann (Electronics Developer). After seven months, two experienced full-time employees as well as eleven Master students are working at the company.


EBAN Annual Conference 2019

Meet the OroraTech entrepreneurs at the EBAN Annula Congress 2019 in Helsinki, Finland, 3- 5 June 2019, where they are ready to present and discuss their nanosatellite solution to spot wildfires globally.

The EBAN Annual Congress is one of Europe’s largest and most international business angel events held annually by EBAN in cooperation with its best members.

After 19 successful editions of the event, the last of which took place in Malaga in 2017 and Sofia in 2018, this year’s edition of the event is coming to Helsinki, Finland on 3-4 June 2019 at Kaapelitehdas (Cable Factory) and will be organized by the Finnish Business Angels Network in collaboration with Arctic15.
The EBAN Helsinki 2019 will be a pool of new ideas and trends, bringing together the world’s most eminent business angels, entrepreneurs and opinion makers, and enabling networking and deal making with experts in the field.

Get the EBAN Annual Conference 2019 Agenda here.

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