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The Invitation to Tender AO7157 has been issued for setting up and coordinating ESA’s Technology Transfer Brokers’ Network.

Space technology improves our lives
Space technology improves our lives

ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme (TTP) is conducted throughout ESA Member States and supported by the Technology Transfer Network (TTN), a network of technology brokers and experts situated in a number of ESA Member States. In recent years, this activity has been extended by coordinating with national technology transfer initiatives (NTTIs) in some ESA Member States.

A new phase is going to be implemented aiming at increasing the amount of technology transfers from space to non-space industry. The geographical coverage will be extended, the synergy between TTN and NTTIs will be strengthened and the current TTN internet portal will be replaced to encourage more involvement from space technology providers and receivers.

More information on this tender is available here. To get full specifications for the Invitation to Tender AO7157, login to EMITS, ESA’s invitation to tender system.

The current deadline for proposals is 19 July 2012.

ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO)

The main mission of the ESA Technology Transfer Programme is to facilitate the use of space technology and systems for non-space applications to take advantage of Europe’s investments in space research and developments to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry, and at the same time demonstrating the benefit of the European space programmes to Europe’s citizens.

ESA TTPO is responsible for defining the overall approach and strategy for the transfer of space technologies and systems, including the incubation of start-up companies at ESA business incubation centres and related funding.

The office has transferred over 260 technologies since the programme start and is supporting directly and indirectly around 100 new start-ups a year. TTPO has also initiated as a limited partner the Open Sky Technology Fund, a €100 million venture fund which invests in start-ups using space technology.

For more information on TTPO, please contact:

ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office
European Space Agency
Keplerlaan 1
2200 AG, Noordwijk
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 71 565 6208

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