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Selected students for the Fly Your Satellite! 2

’Fly Your Satellite!’ Selection Workshop taking place this week

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From 9 to 13 December 2019, the ESA Education Office is hosting a Selection Workshop for student teams hoping to design, test and launch their own nano-satellites with ESA support! This is the third cycle of ESA Academy’s‘ Fly Your Satellite!’ programme, which, earlier in the year, invited university student teams to propose their CubeSat missions. Having whittled down the competition, 60 participants, representing seven university teams from seven ESA Member States, have been short-listed to attend the Workshop.

Student from the 3CAT-4 team presenting his experience in the FYS 2 programme.
Student from the 3CAT-4 team presenting his experience in the FYS 2 programme.

Hosted at ESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Centre) in Noordwijk, Netherlands, the Selection Workshop will see students receive valuable pointers from ESA specialists, covering different areas such as engineering (design, tests, operations), project management, space debris, and more. This will prepare the successful teams for the challenges still ahead. Students will defend their CubeSat projects in front of a panel of ESA experts, hoping to be selected as participants of this third ‘Fly Your Satellite!’ cycle. 

You can follow the Selection Workshop throughout the week via daily updates on ESA Education’s social media channels: Facebook and Twitter.

Good luck to all participating teams!