The campaign

The campaign will be held at Andøya Space Centre, located near the small town of Andennes in Norhern Norway. Participants in the programme will live and work on site for 5 days (6 nights). 

Typical campaign schedule:

Day 1 (Sunday):  Travel Day
Day 2 (Monday):  Welcome/Introductions, Rocketry lectures, guided tours, MATLAB training, Paper rocketry, social gathering
Day 3 (Tuesday):  Visit to Spaceship Aurora, Ballooning lectures, release of PTU sondes, start of work on the student rocket
Day 4 (Wednesday):  Continue working on the student rocket, highlight lectures
Day 5 (Thursday):  Launch day!
Day 6 (Friday):  Post-flight analysis and tour of ALOMAR observatory.
Day 7 (Saturday):  Departure

Last update: 10 August 2018

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