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Call for Proposals Spin Your Thesis! Human Edition 2018

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ESA Education is inviting university student teams to submit experiment proposals to be performed on human subjects on the Short Arm Human Centrifuge. 

STATUS: The call for proposals is closed. 

DEADLINE: 29th December 2017, 23:59pm CET.

The 2018 programme seeks to receive applications that will test a question (hypothesis) that can be addressed whilst either lying supine and/or performing exercises whilst being spun at 1Gz and 1.5Gz vs. control measurements at Earth’s gravity without centrifugation. The exercises proposed are focussed on the lower body like e.g. squats, hops or calf raises and there is the possibility for you to propose one, within the boundary conditions defined in the documents section of the Spin Your Thesis! Human Edition website. 

Teams interested in participating in the Spin Your Thesis! Human Edition 2018 programme should submit an accurately completed Experiment Proposal  document detailing the description of the experiments that they intend to perform. Experiments are required to be a key part of master or PhD theses, or relevant to the curriculum being studied in the case of Bachelor students. 

Student teams with ideas for experiments should carefully about the programme on the Spin Your Thesis! Human Edition webpages and in particular the process of application and eligibility as well as the specific hardware requirements and 2018 study design.

ESA strongly believes in diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace. Student applying to this call should also strive to implement these principles when forming their teams. The proposals shall also clarify how the student teams intend to cope with a possible turn-over, in order to replace team members who might decide to leave the project. Eventually, teams of 4 (or more) university students from ESA member states* will be chosen later this year to take part in this unique opportunity.

The students chosen to take part in the SYT-HE programme have the chance to develop important skills that enhance their academic studies and prepare them for careers in industry and academia. These include transferable skills such project management, problem solving, and working in international teams.

Exercises for the SYT-HE18 campaign
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