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Earth under the lid - Understanding the greenhouse effect | Teach with space PR15

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Our atmosphere and the greenhouse gases that it consists of are what allow the Earth to be a habitable planet. Without them, life as we know it would not exist. Unfortunately, however, the increase in human-produced greenhouse gases is altering the "normal" quantity of these gases in our atmosphere, causing global warming. Pupils will do an experiment to understand what the greenhouse effect is and analyse a video to discuss the consequences of an increasing amount of greenhouse gases.

Format: Teacher’s guide and student worksheets
Age range: 8 – 10 years old
Keywords: Greenhouse effect, Global war­ming, Geography, Science 
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This classroom resource is part of a set of resources developed by ESA’s Education Office in collaboration with ESEROs to support the Climate Detectives project.

A Paxi animation accompanies this resource. In this video, targeted at children aged between 6 and 12, Paxi explains the greenhouse effect and what we can do to avoid it from getting too strong.

Paxi - The Greenhouse Effect
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