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Moon Rover - Building a solar-powered rover | Teach with space PR36

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Subjects: Science, Physics, Arts |

In this activity, students will compare the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy sources and non-renewable energy sources and study simple electrical circuits. Using the Moon as context students will build a small Moon rover powered by solar energy, using a small motor and a solar cell. They will also identify the main features their rover must have to go to the Moon and improve their initial rover design.

Download: EnglishGerman
Age range: 8 – 14 years old
Keywords: Science, Physics, Arts, Moon, Exploration, Rover, Solar energy, Renewable energy sources

This classroom resource is part of a set of resources developed by ESA’s Education Office in collaboration with ESEROs to support the Moon Camp project.

In this Airbus Foundation Discovery Space animation you can explore how robots could help astronauts on the Moon. For more animations about working on the Moon visit this page



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