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Moon Shelter - Investigating different shelters on Earth and in space | Teach with space PR37

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Languages: EnglishGerman (teacher's guide), German (student worksheets)

Subjects: Science and Arts |

In this set of activities pupils will analyse the importance of having shelter for protection on Earth and in space. Pupils will compare the environmental conditions on Earth and on the Moon and in a group they will imagine and build their own Moon shelter using materials comparable to the soil on the Moon, known as Moon analogues.

Download: Teacher’s guide and student worksheets
Age range: 8 – 12 years old
Keywords: Science, Arts, Moon, Shelter, Weather 

This classroom resource is part of a set of resources developed by ESA’s Education Office in collaboration with ESEROs to support the Moon Camp project.

In this Airbus Foundation Discovery Space animation you can explore what is the best place to live on the Moon. For more animations visit this page.


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