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The greenhouse effect and its consequences - Investigating global warming | Teach with space G03

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Languages: English, Italian, Danish

Subjects: Geography, Physics, Science |

This set of activities includes hands-on experiments and the interpretation of satellite images for better understanding the overall effects of global warming. In activity 1 students will make a model to demonstrate the greenhouse effect by showing that a higher level of carbon dioxide (CO2) means a higher temperature. The experiment will be complemented by the interpretation of satellite images showing the Earth’s CO2 levels at different time periods. Students will then learn about some of the consequences of an increased greenhouse effect – ice melting and changing albedo values. Students will explore these topics in activities 2 and 3.

Format: Teacher’s guide and student worksheets
Age range: 12 – 15 years old
Keywords: Greenhouse effect, Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Sea level, Albedo, Climate, Geography, Physics, Science

Download: The greenhouse effect and its consequences

This classroom resource is part of a set of resources developed by ESA’s Education Office in collaboration with ESEROs to support the Climate Detectives project.

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