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The success of the YES2 project has been based on the team work of people from all over Europe. Find out more about the job roles needed to make a project like this a success.

YES Team Member

Usually, a team member works from his or her university. He or she is allocated a Work Package (WP) manager, who is responsible for a subset of the YES tasks and who will identify a suitable task for the team member to perform. The team member will receive a set of requirements for the task and an end date for delivering the results. The WP manager will keep in contact with the team member weekly to collect any updates and offer additional assistance if needed. Upon completion of the task, the team member can request additional tasks if he or she wants.

YES Core Team Member

After some time as a team member, and if the quality of the work is good, the team member can be offered an internship as a Core Team Member. There are about 8 active core team members at any one time. The core team is mainly located in The Netherlands at ESA’s facilities in ESTEC, Noordwijk or at the facilities of the prime contractor, which in the case of YES2 is Delta-Utec in Leiden. The living expenses of the core team members are covered during the internship. The core team members act as WP managers for the other team members and can also perform some of the WP tasks themselves, if they wish.

YES Manager

The YES managers are responsible for defining the WPs. These posts offer an interesting first employment possibility for former core team members who have finished their university studies. The positions are offered by ESA-ESTEC and by the prime contractor for the satellite.

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