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YES2 has three components:

• Fotino: a small 6 kg capsule which will return to Earth.

• Mechanical data Acquisition Support System (MASS): an 8 kg carrier which holds Fotino in place with four straps. MASS will burn up in the atmosphere on re-entry.

• Foton LOcated YES2 Deployer (FLOYD): a 22 kg carrier bolted onto Foton-M3, which will eject MASS and Fotino towards Earth. Inside FLOYD is a spool with 30 km of 0.5 mm thick Dyneema® tether which is connected to MASS.

Dimensions 1020 x 410 x 475 (maximum envelope)
Mass YES2 36 kg
Mass Subsystem FLOYD 22 kg
Mass Subsystem MASS 8 kg
Mass Subsystem FOTINO 6 kg
Operational duration 7 hours
Ground Support • TsUP Russian Mission Control in Moscow (EMSR)
• Payload Operation Centre in Kiruna (Sweden)
Attitude Control required attitude allocated via Foton S/C (space craft)
Telemetry • Telemetry system via Foton: unidirectional, data storage every 30s, max last 90min stored
• Telemetry system via ESA Tele Support: bidirectional, 19200bps, storage every second
Datalink MASS-FLOYD unidirectional UHF (ISM-band, 433 MHz), 9600 bps
Power • 27V via Foton S/C, nominal operation 100Wh, peak 56W, average 24W during tether deployment
• MASS/FLOYD autonomous
Thermal Control passive thermal insulation, active control for OBC (on-board computer)
Propulsion no propulsion system; required ∆v for re-entry via tether momentum transfer
Tether Dyneema® 30000m x 0.5mm (polyethylene)

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