Concurrent Engineering Facilities in Europe
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Concurrent Engineering (CE) at ESA is well established. The adoption and benefits of the ESA CDF model as a common tool in improving and accelerating the process of conceptual design of phase O/A phases to ECSS standard terminology has been recognised throughout European space agencies, industry and academia as the way forward.

ESA’s CDF has supported these organisations in setting up their own concurrent design facilities while providing the know-how of using the ESA CDF model based on ECSS standards. This knowledge facilitates the collaboration and interaction between facilities and helps them to improve their internal engineering processes.

The adoption of the Open Concurrent Design Server is the next step in the implementation of this ECSS standard. Providing the basis for creating a consistent set of concurrent design facilities across the European space community; allowing semantically consistent data exchange between facilities and allowing real time joint design activities by collaborating facilities.

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