Test facilities at ET (courtesy of ET)
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Development of in-situ material characterisation with original cryogenic fluids

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ESA / Enabling & Support / Space Engineering & Technology / Shaping the Future
 Programme:  GSTP  Achieved TRL:  5
 Reference:  G627-046QT  Closure:  2016
 Contractor(s):  Energie Technologie (DE)

For current and new ESA projects there is a strong need to use new materials and processes to increase launchers and spacecraft performances. For most of the new materials and processes data on material properties and material performance under cryogenic, especially Hydrogen, conditions are missing or dated. Moreover, the very limited available data do not cover new alloys selected for next generation missions.

Set-up test facilities which allow to characterize the mechanical, fatigue and fracture mechanical behavior of promising materials like Al-Li alloys, Composites, Additive Manufactured alloys, Fibre Metal Laminates under cryogenic conditions (LH2/GH2 and LOx/GOx).

Facilities are fully operational.


  • Tensile, Bending, Torsion and Compression Testing
  • Fracture toughness Evaluation
  • Fatigue and Fatigue crack propagation Testing
  • Open hole/ filled hole tensile/compression Testing
  • Interlaminar shear strength Evaluation
  • De-lamination resistance (for injured surfaces) Evaluation
  • Component Function and Lifetime Evaluation

Loads: 100 kN static and 80 kN dynamic
Temperature range: 20 – 330 K
Pressure range: 1 – 6 bar

Next steps
A qualification campaign is ongoing.

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