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Update on the Innovation Triangle Initiative (ITI): 
Call for proposals 2017 (AO8876) - (8/3/2018)

The evaluation of the proposals received during the 2017 Innovation Triangle Initiative (ITI) AO8876  Call for Proposals has now been concluded. The latest information can be found on the ESA EMITS News - Procurement Dashboard.

ITI and StarTiger are now an integral part of the Discovery, Preparation and Technology Development (DPTD) Basic Activities

The ITI and StarTiger programmes no longer exist as separate entities but have been subsumed into the Discovery element of the Discovery, Preparation and Technology Development (DPTD) basic activities. The Discovery element includes activities ranging from new radio climatology models of the ionosphere, novel thermal energy storage and electricity generation systems for Moon exploration through to Artificial Intelligence applied to Robotic autonomous navigation.

This DPTD structure for ESA Basic Activities is as follows:

The transition to the DPTD structure includes a number of activities being transferred from the interdisciplinary studies of the General Studies Programme (GSP) work plan, the Innovation Triangle Initiative (ITI), Startiger and Networking Partnership Initiative (NPI) into the Discovery element.

Future Ideas for submission into the Discovery element of the DPTD will be collected via an Open Innovation Platform. A pre-screening will be performed to avoid duplications with proposals collected through other announcements of opportunity.

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