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Permanently open AO for market-oriented activities

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Does your company or institution have a promising concept requiring further development to be market-ready? Then ESA wants to hear from you.

And in order to better serve urgent proposals, especially those for near-term competitiveness and technology transfer, ESA has initiated a permanently open Announcement of Opportunity (AO).

Bidders can propose activities at any time for implementation under the GSTP frame, without therefore having to wait until the periodic AO is issued.

The GSTP AO objectives, which shall be fulfilled through technology developments, are:

  • To strengthen worldwide competitiveness in the near-term in existing markets,
  • To initiate or strengthen technology transfer, usually spin-off (from space to non-space sector), but also spin-in (from non-space to space sector).


The General Support Technology Programme (GSTP) is an optional programme in ESA's activities devoted to technology developments. Since 2003, ESA has yearly issued an Announcement of Opportunity (AO) seeking proposals from industry in countries participating to GSTP.

Who can apply?

Space and non-space entities or individuals from all ESA member states.


Up to 50-75% of the project will be funded by ESA (depending on the Technology Readiness Level being targeted and the types of organizations involved in the development) with the remainder of funds coming from the project partner(s).

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