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N° 52–2005: ESA Council meeting at ministerial level: Berlin, 5/6 December 2005

14 November 2005

The next ESA Council meeting at ministerial level will take place on 5/6 December in Berlin, Germany at the Conference Centre of the Foreign Ministry (Auswärtiges Amt). The entrance to the Press Centre is located at Oberwasserstrasse 12.


Provisional press programme:

Monday 5 December

07:30 - Accreditation starts at Press Centre.

Note: A personal badge will be handed out for access to the Press Centre for the two days. Please take good care of it. It is the only valid ID for access. Always wear your badge and carry your passport or national ID card when on the Conference Centre premises.

The Press Centre is located inside the security perimeter of the Foreign Ministry building. Media representatives without German government accreditation (Mitglied der Bundespressekonferenz) must submit their completed accreditation form to ESA Media Relations Division no later than 29 November, to enable an obligatory security check to be performed. To obtain the badge, the passport or national ID card stated on the accreditation form must be shown. No other means of identification will be accepted.

08:30-08:45 - Photo opportunity in main Conference Room (Weltsaal) for photographers and camera crew.

09:00 - Opening of meeting (no media attendance).

11:00 - Press briefing: introduction to the Council deliberations (ESA Spokesman).

13:00 - Lunch break.

14:45 - Photo opportunity (group picture of Minsters).

15:00 - Meeting resumes.

18:00 - End of meeting.

18:15 - Briefing at Press Centre (ESA Director General or Spokesman) – broadcast live on ESA-TV.

21:00 - Press Centre closes.

Tuesday 6 December 08:30 - Press Centre opens.

09:00 - Continuation of meeting (no media attendance).

10:00 - Programme subscriptions, final discussions, adoption of Resolutions.

13:00 - Lunch break

15:00 - Adoption of Resolutions.

16:45 - Closing statements by Council Chair.

17:00 approx - Press conference (Council Chair and ESA Director General) – broadcast live on ESA-TV.

20:00 - Press Centre closes.

All requests for interviews should be addressed to the ESA Media Relations Officers at the Press Centre. Special locations will be available for TV / radio interviews. The ESA TV service will broadcast press briefings and the closing press conference. A Video News Release with pre-event footage will be available as of 29 November. By that date, the transmission schedule and satellite details will be posted on the ESA TV website,

A background information note covering the objectives and programmatic aspects for debate and tabled for decision at the meeting will be issued separately within the next few days.

For accreditation, please fill in the attached form and fax it back to: ESA Media Relations Division, Paris, France- Fax. +33 (0) 1 53 69 76 90.


ESA Council Meeting at Ministerial Level

5/6 December 2005

Foreign Ministry (Auswärtiges Amt), Berlin, Germany

Press Centre entrance: Oberwasserstrasse 12.

Last name:_____________________ First ______________________

Media: _____________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________


Passport/ID card No.: ______________________________________

Issued by: _________________________________________________

Expiry date : ______________________________________________

Date of birth : ____________________________________________

Nationality : ______________________________________________

Tel: ______________________ Fax: __________________________

Mobile :___________________ E-mail:_________________________

( ) I will be going to Berlin and attending the press activities related to the ESA Council meeting at ministerial level. Please fax this form back to :

ESA Media Relations Division

Tel: +33(0)

Fax: +33(0)

For further information:

ESA Media Relations Division

Tel: +33(0)

Fax: +33(0)