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This Envisat image highlights Lake Chad
The shrinking of Lake Chad
Lake Chad, one of the world’s largest lakes, has been shrinking dramatically since the end of the 1960’s. Climatic parameters, unregulated water exploitation for irrigation farming, as well as high population pressure, have all contributed to the lake shrinking to 10 per cent of its former size.
The Gulf Stream
The Gulf Stream is a warm, fast flowing current that forms the western boundary of the North Atlantic Gyre. During its course, its temperature gradually drops as it releases heat into the atmosphere.
Artist's impression of Meteosat Second Generation (MSG)
Interactive Meteosat
Everyday, Meteosat images of Europe acquired at 09.00 UTC are shown on the Interactive Meteosat online application. Students from participating schools can observe the weather and upload their meteorological observations to the application. The observations are then shown in real time as an overlay on the satellite image.
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