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Clean Space offers webcast on 'Design for Demise' study preparation

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Preparing the way for ESA’s planned ‘Design for Demise’ study, the Agency is planning a Concurrent Design Facility preparatory activity this September to gather and refine ideas related to the topic, and finalise the contract’s scope. Interested in bidding on the contract? Then participate by webcast.

The forthcoming Design for Demise (D4D) study will investigate ways to reduce the risk of casualties from uncontrolled re-entry, such as new spacecraft design concepts and approaches to reduce the amount of debris surviving re-entry or ensuring it poses less risk.

In preparation for the study, ESA’s Concurrent Design Facility will be performing a Mission Concept Requirements Assessment (MiCRA) study.

A team of experts from selected disciplines will be nominated to identify D4D concepts, highlight possible issues at system and subsystem level and carry out some high-level assessment to focus the objectives and requirements of the intended Invitation to Tender (ITT).

CDF in session
CDF in session

Taking place over four sessions, this MiCRA study is intended to gather and review all the results of previous D4D initiatives that have already taken place with industry, academia or in-house, establishing the current state-of-the-art in preparation for the study contract.

For this reason, the MiCRA CDF sessions will be webcast to parties interested in bidding, with the possibility of participants submitting their own inputs online.

Schedule of the sessions and webcast:

Wednesday 11 Sep AM (9:30-13:30) Session #1 (kickoff)
Wednesday 18 Sep AM (9:30-13:30) Session #2
Wednesday 25 Sep AM (9:30-13:30) Session #3
Wednesday 02 Oct AM (9:30-13:30) Session #4

Should you be interested in the webcast of this event, you are kindly requested to register as soon as possible, and not later that Wed 4th September, sending a note to the following e-mail address:


- Subject: CDF MiCRA D4D Webcast
- Name
- Organisation and Location
- Position (within Organisation)
- Reason for interest
- e-mail address
- telephone number (optional)
A few days before the first session, instructions will be sent in relation to the webcast as well as more information about the sessions.
The number of remote participants is limited (a maximum 20 accounts shall be distributed),  preference will be given to organisations eligible to apply to the relevant ITT.

MiCRA at the CDF

MiCRA is a newly defined type of study at the ESTEC-based CDF. It consists of four sessions including kickoff and final presentation, with a  reduced team of five to seven specialists.

The disciplines involved in this CDF exercise will be Systems, Structures/Configuration, Materials, Aerotheromodynamics, as well as Propulsion, Electric Power and GNC (Guidance Navigation and Control) and ESA’s Space Debris Office.

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