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Space debris 2017 replay

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Replay of the media briefing from the European Conference on Space Debris, recorded live from ESA’s mission control centre, Darmstadt, Germany, 21 April 2017.

Scientists and representatives of the world’s leading space agencies and space-related scientific bodies presented outcomes from the week-long gathering, which brought together 350 of the world’s debris experts.



At the world’s largest scientific gathering dedicated to space debris, participants from governments, space organisations, academia and industry shared information and the latest research into the debris threat and on new technologies aimed at mitigating debris creation and reducing the orbital debris population.


All CEST time

11:00–12:00 Presentation of conference findings to international media by panellists from ESA and other agencies/organisations.

12:00–13:00 Comments from guest speakers including Brigitte Zypries, German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy and the German national aerospace coordinator, by ESA Director General Jan Woerner and by ESA Director for Operations Rolf Densing.

Media briefing panel will include:

  • Conference chair Holger Krag, Head of the ESA Space Debris Office
  • Thomas Schildknecht, COSPAR
  • Christophe Bonnal, IAA
  • Cosimo Marzo, ASI
  • Christian Cazaux, CNES
  • Manuel Metz, DLR
  • Hugh Lewis, UKSA

During the webcast, questions may be posted to Twitter using the #askESA hashtag. A selection these will be answered in the programme.

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