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Hi! My name is Paxi. I'm an explorer from another planet. I've parked my spaceship in orbit and parachuted down to Earth to meet you.

My home planet orbits a star not too far from your Sun, so you could say we are neighbours.
My world has mountains, volcanoes, plains and rivers like Earth, but all the land joins up, so we only have large lakes instead of seas and oceans. We have three small moons in the sky, not just one large one like you do. This must be really wierd for you!!
I get so excited when I look at the stars! I used to look at them in the night sky and wonder what they were. I couldn't wait to get a bit older so I could go and visit them myself.
I have travelled around and visited all sorts of worlds in my spaceship, and now I can tell you about all the amazing things I've seen!
For instance, I've learned that stars are very hot! Once, by mistake, I got a bit too close to one of them, and my antennae started sizzling! It took a couple of weeks to get them back into shape...
So I've come to Earth to help you understand more about space and your own planet. My face looks a bit like yours, but I don't have a nose in the middle of it. I smell through my antennnae, which also act as ears. I can even pick up things using them! My feet can be hands too. In fact, sometimes I use them to tickle my friends!
I am green, but some of my friends on my planet are blue, and others are purple. We all smile with our mouths when we are happy, and shiver when we are cold ... just like you do!
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