Mercury contest winners announced

21 April 2017
Children from around the world participated in our monthly contest and learned more about Mercury, the closest planet to our Sun. The winner is a class from the Enriqueta Aymer School in Madrid, Spain. Congratulations on your wonderful artwork! You will soon be receiving a prize from ESA.
Two of our runners-up are classes. One is from the elementary school Elie Desplan in France, who made some wonderful Mercury paintings.
The second is a class from the kindergarten Il Gabbiano in Albano, Italy, who sent us a gorgeous painting made with acrylic and plaster.
Zoe, who is 6 years old and from Greece, made this wonderful drawing showing the shadow of Hermes on Mercury.
Ahaan, who is also 6 years old and is from the UK, made a lovely painting of the upcoming BepiColombo spacecraft going to Mercury.
Congratulations to all of you! The winning artwork is now published in our Space Gallery. Thank you to all those who participated and good luck with next month’s competition!


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