Gorilla watch

A baby mountain gorilla. A decade of intensive conservation efforts has paid off as the mountain gorilla population in Central Africa has been increasing – but on last count remains lower than seven hundred, with updated figures due soon. A joint ESA/UNESCO project called BeGO (Build Environment for Gorilla project) aims to bolster conservation efforts with data from space.

Gorilla territory
A virtual 'overflight' of Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, based on the new Build Environment for Gorilla (BEGo) data products produced for the area. These include a digital elevation model (DEM) of the area, land cover map and base map, all of which will be used to enhance efforts to conserve mountain gorillas in the Park and its surroundings. These maps - plus the satellite imagery they are based on - are shown here draped over the DEM. Similar satellite-derived map products are being produced for other mountain gorilla habitats across Central Africa, several of them UNESCO World Heritage Sites.