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Winners of Launchers competition announced

Amélie (7), Italy

18 July 2016
The winner of our Launchers competition is Amélie, a talented 7 year-old girl from Italy! Congratulations, Amélie! Your comic strip shows originality, creativity, and innovation!

Selecting the winners of this competition has been extremely difficult for the jury – so many children participated with such beautiful artwork! In the end, four runners-up were selected… here they are!
Aarya (9), India

Our first runner-up is Aarya (9) from India. The jury was impressed by the drawing skills of this little boy, and by all the beautiful space elements in his picture.
Class 3HT (Germany)

Our next runner-up is a class from Oberpfaffenhofen in Germany, who created a mosaic of ‘launchers in a box’. Well done!
Viara (6), Bulgaria

Viara is our next runner-up. This 6 year-old girl from Bulgaria made this lovely painting showing a launcher going off into a beautiful, colourful Solar System, while she and her dog marvel at the beauty of it all.
Lorenz (8), Germany

And last but not least, 8 year-old Lorenz from Germany made this beautiful Vega launcher ready to be launched into space!
Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to all of you who participated. The winning artwork is now published in our Art Gallery. Go check it out!
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