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Winners of Rosetta competition announced

Colegio Filipense "Blanca de Castilla" (Spain)

16 November 2016
On 30 September the world bid farewell to the spectacular Rosetta mission. Children from around the world participated in our competition, and today we are finally announcing the winners.

The winner is a science class from the Colegio Filipense "Blanca de Castilla" in Palencia (Spain), who worked hard on Rosetta drawings, paintings, and models using recycled materials. Congratulations!
Sara (6 years old)

Our first runner-up is 6 year-old Sara from India. Sara used clay, glitter paper, paint, and stickers for her artwork. She depicted Rosetta’s final journey as she bid farewell to Planet Earth before her final rendez-vous with Comet 67P.
Enriqueta Aymer College (Spain)

Our next runner-up is a class from Enriqueta Aymer College in Spain, who created some great Rosetta models. Great work, kids!
Maly Kopernik Education Centre (Poland)

Children from the Maly Kopernik Education Centre in Poland are our next runner-up – the jury loved the special effects!
Vyom (7 years old)

And last but not least, 7 year-old Vyom from India made this nice Rosetta model using the most original and colourful material.

Congratulations to all of you! The winning artwork is now published in our Space Gallery. Thank you to all those who participated and good luck with next month’s competition!

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