And the winner is…

Cédric (7 years old) from Switzerland
12 May 2017
Congratulations to 7 year-old Cédric from Switzerland, who is the winner of our Sentinel-2B contest! You will soon be receiving a prize from ESA!
The runners-up this month are Diego (4 years old), Aitor and Izan (7 years old) from Spain, Mariapia (7 years old) from Italy, and last but not least, Grade 4 students from the Porto-Cabeiro Redondela College (Spain).
Diego (4 years old) from Spain
Aitor and Izan (7 years old) from Spain
Mariapia (7 years old) from Italy
4th graders from Porto-Cabeiro Redondela College
Congratulations to all of you! The winning artwork is now published in our Space Gallery. Thank you to all those who participated and good luck with next month’s competition!

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