Business opportunities in Kourou

Kourou spaceport, French Guiana

Europe’s spaceport “Centre Spatial Guyanais” (CSG) is located in French Guiana.

ESA contributes in a significant way to the running and investment costs of Europe’s spaceport. In exchange for it, European companies assume the construction and operation of different facilities.

Two main building complexes exists in Kourou:

  • The CNES/CSG establishment, which is a centre of the French national space Agency
  • The ELA Ariane launch complexes

In order to make sure that the above facilities are kept in operational conditions for ESA launcher programmes (Ariane, Vega, etc.), ESA funds 2/3 of the fixed costs of the CNES/CSG establishment representing roughly 85 M€ per year and more than 50% of the fixed costs of the ELA complexes.

Of future planned investments to be undertaken by ESA at CSG can be mentioned:

  • The small European launcher VEGA development programme, for which ESA is going to develop a new launch complex at CSG over 2003-2006 period for an amount of 45 M€. Calls for Tender for the different ground facilities will be published on EMITS ( during the first term 2003.
  • Realization of works in the frame of the CSG Capital Investment Plan (2003-2006). These works concern different field of industrial activities like: design and general studies, telecommunications, tracking, flight safety, telemetry, meteorology, chronology and count down, security protection, ground safety, optics and broadcasting, public relations, infrastructure, (construction of facilities, highways, fences, etc.), power and water supply, air conditioning, general services, logistics. To take into account all these activities an annual budget of roughly 14 M€ is foreseen.

Moreover, if approved by ESA Council at Ministerial level, to take place in April 2003, the building of a new SOYUZ launch complex in the frame of cooperation between ESA and the Russia in the launcher domain. The amount of works due to start in mid 2003 is estimated at 270 M€, of which 170 M€ to be made by the European industry.

Return to European industry

All ESA member states contribute to the funding of the Europe’s spaceport in Kourou, and a corresponding industrial return to each ESA Member State is the objective. Consequently, all efforts are done in order to make sure that European manufacturers have an open and fair access to business opportunities offered by at CSG, Europe’s spaceport.

Mainly ESA, CNES and Arianespace are issuing invitation to tenders (ITT) aiming at selecting manufacturers for performing works at Kourou.

All ITTs issued made by ESA are issued through EMITS (

ITTs issued by CNES for CSG are also issued through EMITS, using the facility “EMITS for External Entities”.

Last update: 21 July 2009

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