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  • Science & Exploration

    Gaia’s new data takes us to the Milky Way’s anticentre and beyond

    03/12/2020 30694 views 107 likes
    Open item
    Gaia’s stellar motion for the next 400 thousand years
  • Science & Exploration

    SOHO’s pioneering 25 years in orbit

    02/12/2020 3199 views 56 likes
    Open item
    SOHO: 25 years of solar imaging
  • Safety & Security

    ESA purchases world-first debris removal mission from start-up

    01/12/2020 5578 views 73 likes
    Open item
    Process of capture
  • Applications

    A-68A on the move

    01/12/2020 2492 views 97 likes
    Open item
    All eyes remain on the giant A-68A iceberg on its journey across the Southern Ocean. This image shows A-68A’s movements over the past 15 days using data from the Copernicus Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-3 missions.
  • Agency

    Apply now for an ESA student internship

    16/11/2020 26525 views 155 likes
    Open item
    Student intern teleworking

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The Arctic: a delicate icy ecosystem

05/10/2020 4235 views 150 likes
Open item


Science & Exploration

Solar Orbiter’s first view of the Sun

16/07/2020 21539 views 296 likes
Open item
Solar Orbiter’s first view of the Sun


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