The future of Europe in space - have your say

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The European Commission has, together with the European Space Agency generated a Green paper on the “European Space Policy” (COM 2003 17/final).

The "Green paper" exercise is intended to launch a consultation process about the future of Europe in space by raising a number of key questions closely linked to ESA`s future. The "Green Paper" looks into Europe’s assets and future needs in the space sector. Its purpose is to launch in-depth debate in Europe involving all parties - national and international organisations, the space industry and users, the scientific community and citizens. Its objective is to increase general awareness of the strategic importance of space for Europe, to define areas of consensus and to find concrete answers to questions concerning independent access to space, scientific excellence in this field, the industrial and technological base, relevant markets, human resources, the legal and institutional framework, international co-operation and environmental and security aspects.

As part of this debate the European Space Agency invites you to voice your opinion via an online web forum.

The consultation process will run from 22 January to 30 May 2003. It will be managed by the Commission/ESA Joint Task Force on space, which will organise a series of conferences and workshops to foster the debate.

The consultation will help shape a European response to competitiveness and security challenges related to space, to be detailed in a forthcoming White Paper. ESA Director General, Antonio Rodotà, and Commissioner Philippe Busquin made a formal press presentation of the Green Paper on Monday 27 January in Brussels.

For more information see ESA Press Release no. 06-2003, and the EU dedicated website "Towards a European Space Policy".

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