Join our workshop at ILA Berlin!

Developing new businesses for a company operating in the space sector is always coupled with high investment needs, diverging political interests and technical challenges.

On 15 September, Astrium will offer a workshop for students, young professionals and professionals graduated in business, law, design and engineering at ILA Berlin:

Development of new business within space companies – the need for innovation and entrepreneurship.

For two hours, you can discuss with Laurent le Quément, Astrium Marketing Manager, how a historical space company such as Astrium ST, can develop new business through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Astrium ST is a recognised space company for its high tech products like Ariane 5, Columbus, ATV and M51. The development cycles for these products are normally in the range of about one decade.

Hence, historical space companies must seek to secure their revenues and technical know how. To do so, a growth strategy is required based on new businesses.

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If you are interested in joining the workshop, please send your CV and a short cover letter to

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