New positions now open in ESA's IT Department

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ESA IT is recruiting to build a management team that will lead the department's transformation into a more customer orientated service.

IT Transformation Leader: Frascati, Italy.

Candidates should have strong leadership and relationship skills to help lead the IT transformation efforts needed to reach a product-oriented IT and customer-focused organisation. Experience in having led organisation renewal processes and a high degree of political sensitivity and assertiveness is essential. Click here for more details.

Head of the Application Services Division: Frascati, Italy.

The IT Department is recruiting a Head of Application Services Division with experience in leading roles in a service-oriented organisation, which entails close interaction with owners of business processes from design to operations and throughout the entire life cycle. Click here for more details.

Head of Security and Shared Infrastructure Services Division: Darmstadt, Germany.

Candidates should have experience in leading roles at a service-oriented organisation centred around customer’s needs, nurturing partnership relationships with suppliers, operating in an environment that accepts risk and pursues innovation. Experience in IT security is mandatory. Click here for more details.

Head of the End-User Services Division: ESTEC, The Netherlands.

The Head of the End-User Services Division will lead a team responsible for providing end-to-end IT services dedicated to establishing, maintaining and evolving end-users’ digital workplace capabilities across the Agency. Click here for more details.