What is the purpose of the ISS Awards?

Hans Schlegel installing the Columbus Module

The ISS Awards are a way of providing a high level of recognition to teams and individuals who provide a significant contribution to ESA ISS spaceflight development and operations through their unique capability to demonstrate excellence.

The ISS Awards reinforce the human aspect of ISS hardware development and operations. They are intended to be given to those who work with hardware that is destined for use or is already being used on the International Space Station.

Underneath one of the trophies

The Awards token and nomination process have been designed to assure that the ESA ISS Awards are held in the highest regard, and have a long term impact on the way in which ESA undertakes ISS hardware development and operations.

Last but not least, the standard set by the ISS Awards is intended to be at a level that could be held as a platform of recognition throughout the international human spaceflight arena.

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