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Beyond Bitcoin: Leveraging the Blockchain for Space 4.0

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ESA’s Strategy Department is investigating the role blockchain technologies could play in adapting the Agency for Space 4.0

Blockchain promises to become a new foundation for all forms of transactions. A blockchain is a digital database that disintermediates and records transactions between parties. To achieve this, it cryptographically secures its records and relies on a distributed network to replicate its data across many locations. These features allow the block chain to operate as a self-sufficient network without a central authority or oversight. Blockchain transactions can take over services such as varied as payments, notary functions, supply chain management, identity and digital rights management. 


Recently, ESA’s Corporate Development Office and the Chief Digital Officer have  been investigating the applicability of Blockchain technologies to key challenges for ESA’s space activities and administrative areas. The project aimed at establishing what drives the value of Blockchain technology, how the technology itself works, what it can be used for, and how ESA might apply it. In doing so, a range of potential applications have been identified, from satellite communications to procurement. For a more detailed elaboration on Blockchain please refer to the presentation you can find on the right.

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