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Course Fees: Tuition & Accommodation

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Full time students from an ESA member state

There are no course fees for student applicants coming from a university based in one of the ESA member states. Tuition and accommodation are provided to successfully enrolled applicants courtesy of the ECSL.

Young professional applicants and student applicants from non-ESA member states

Students applying from universities of non-ESA member states and all young professional applicants are required to pay course fees to cover tuition and accommodation. The amount of these fees will vary depending upon the location of the Summer Course and will be notified to applicants on the Application Form.


Tutors participate in the Summer Course free-of-charge.


Participants (including tutors)  must have valid health and travel insurance (including civil liability) for the entire period of the Summer Course in order to be admitted. Participants are required to send ECSL written proof that they have a valid insurance prior to the start of the course. Such risks will not be borne by ECSL or by the host university/institution.

With regard to medical coverage, participants are advised to obtain in their home countries an E111 Form or any other form needed to ensure medical coverage in Europe.

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