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The Centre Español de Derecho Espacial (CEDE - Spanish Space Law Centre) is a private non-profit institution which has been registered since 1992 at the Registry of Association of the Spanish Ministry of the Interior (111,429).

It was created as a result of an undertaking between the European Space Agency (ESA) and Spain. It is the National Point of Contact for the European Centre for Space Law (ECSL) of ESA.

Since it was created in 1992, the CEDE has been performing the following purposes, among others:

- the publicising in Spain of the space technology and science mainly developed by ESA and NASA, and the publicising overseas of the space technology and science developed by public and private entities in Spain. While these publications refer mostly to the legal aspects relating to space activities, reference is also made to the scientific and technical aspects thereof.

- support to international cooperation in the space sector mainly between Spain and ESA, by organising lectures and participating in congresses, seminars and lectures held in Spain and abroad.

- the cooperation with official bodies and public and private institutions in those matters in which our assistance and participation has been requested.

It may be stated that the CEDE performs a wide range of external activities such as seminars, lectures and courses. It has participated in many of the meetings organized in Spain and abroad, by various bodies, institutions and public and private entities. An Informative Bulletin is published. A web page has been created and maintained on the Internet where it is intended to include legal texts and the documentation from our library. The consultations made by various public bodies have been answered and we have cooperated with these on several occasions.



Chair: Ambassador Antonio Ortiz García

Secretary General: Rafael García del Poyo (

Official address: Centro Español de Derecho del Espacio (Spanish Space Law Centre), calle Monte Esquinza nº 30, 6 piso Izquierda, Madrid 28010, Spain

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