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SpaceIN – the Space Inclusive Network

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SpaceIN was created in 2017 and comprises a network of centres and experts who are actively working on Diversity and Inclusion themes. ESA is part of this network; providing support and traineeships.

The network has the goal to promote universal participation and access to space science and exploration for researchers, engineers, students and the public; irrespective of their physical abilities. In addition, the network encourages female researchers to play a prominent role in the promotion of space science and exploration for European citizens.

Defining topics for internships

SpaceIN works by linking events organised by ESA with those groups who have extensive experience  in providing access to disability groups. In this way, modern accessibility techniques can be applied to the forefront of scientific outreach and accessibility technology R&D.

In an additional step, traineeships allow students and researchers with disabilities the opportunity to gain work experience at ESA establishments. In parallel, their experiences and feedback will make ESA more accessible for everyone. Some of the research topics contemplated include specific projects to make ESA a more inclusive, open environment to professionals of all physical abilities. The internships can also be co-sponsored by companies in the space sector, on related topics of interest.

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