About ESA Moscow

ESA Moscow office is on the upper floor of this building in the city centre

ESA’s Moscow Office, officially named ‘ESA Permanent Mission in the Russian Federation’, represents the Agency in Russia. It was established in 1995 by an agreement between ESA and the Russian Government. The office has diplomatic status and is located in the centre of Moscow.

Roles and responsibilities

The ESA Moscow Office represents ESA in Russia at all relevant levels and facilitates close cooperation between ESA and Russia. The Office follows up and reports to ESA about the development and implementation of Russia’s space policy. Its primary objective is to foster cooperation between Europe and Russia in space at political and programme levels, as well as to ensure close links between ESA and Russian organisations at the technical level.

To this end, the Moscow Office maintains close working relations with Russian governmental bodies, with the representatives of ESA Member States in Russia, and with the Delegation of the European Commission.

The Moscow Office provides full logistics and project support to all ESA staff on mission in Russia. This includes visa and travel arrangements, customs support, and contributing to smooth communications between ESA and Russian industry and scientific institutions.

Conference room at ESA Moscow Office

The team

The ESA Moscow Office reports to ESA’s International Relations Department at the Agency’s headquarters in Paris. René Pischel is the Head of the Office. The Office team is made up of local employees, who include engineers, administrative assistants, a translator, a customs officer and others.

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